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Kitchen Remodels

These are a wide variety of our kitchen remodels.  From the most basic of remodels to changing several rooms into one spacious kitchen.  We take a lot of pride in changing a room into exactly what our clients want.  Most people don't know exactly what they want in a new kitchen but they all know what they don't like about their existing kitchen.  Our kitchen design software has been the biggest advantage in allowing our clients to see what their new kitchen will actually look like before they invest thousands of dollars.
This and That
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Cabinet Accessories

These are some photos of our custom cabinet accessories.  There are thousands of different cabinet accessories on the market today but some people require things that aren't as main stream.  The photos below all came from the mind of a brilliant client of ours from California.  She knew exactly what she wanted and needed someone to take her ideas and make them happen.  
As seen on HGTV
Best of Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Before and After

Before and after pictures are always a favorite when it comes to kitchen remodels.  Some people replace what they had with something new while others completely remake their space with all new ideas.  
When ending a run of crown moulding in the middle of a wall we like to use a double return like this to soften the corner.
Solid cherry venthood with large corbels and twisted rope accent pieces.
Close-up of the right side of the venthood.
This is a close-up of the multi-piece crown stack that makes up the top of the venthood.  We incorporated the same outside edge profiles from the cabinet doors into the stack as well as the twisted rope.
This is the same multi-piece crown stack at a different angle to show the depth as well as the accuracy of the miters throughout all 7 trims.
Double crown returns soften sharp corners and should be used in kitchens with angled corner cabinets.
Front view of a refrigerator cabinet with double crown returns.
This is an agled corner cabinet with a staggered height and increased depth.  This shows the correct way to return the the crowns where they meet the corner cabinet.
This view shows why most crafstman today don't spend the extra time needed to correctly trim the cabinets adjacent to a staggered corner cabinet.  Two fillers are required for each double crown return and the idea is to not see them.  The scribe moulding then has to be scrolled to fit the crown.
In the previous photos we explained why you should miter all of your corners with double returns in a kitchen with angled wall cabinets.  This photo shows how much of a contrast there is in comparison.
These cabinet are mounted to 3 sides of a column in this showroom.  Cove crown moulding is a great choice to show off simple depth changes.
This photo is showing that it is possible to crown around a corner.  So many people give up cabinet space in an effort to keep a larger crown moulding from wrapping around a corner.  This is a very difficult cut to return properly but as you can see, it is possible.
This is the back side of the column showing both sides of the crown moulding wrapping around the corners.
This photo shows staggered cabinets running into the wall crown moulding with a smaller crown moulding running into it as well.  It appears to be an optical illusion and will get a lot of attention so it has to be right the first time.
This is a close-up of the crown to crown before a scribe moulding was added to show there is no trickery.  The wall crown must be carefully cut to accept the cabinet and smaller crown must be scrolled to the existing wall crown's contour.
6" cove crown moulding above a very large entertainment center.
This photo shows the seam on a 14' run of 6" cove crown moulding.  The larger the crown, the harder it is to hide the seam. We have other pictures of this entertainment center in the photo galleries above but the seam is not visible.  This angle was the only only angle that the light would show it.
Staggered depth columns can add dimension as well as give trim carpenters a hard time.  We join our miters first and hang the crown second so these types of crown applications are incredibly difficult for a perfect set.
This photo shows the level of difficulty involved in staggered crown applications.  Building your crown moulding first allows your miters to be perfect but makes hanging it quite challenging. This process is time consuming but the finished product is stunningly beautiful.
This is a side view of the staggered crown application. The extra time spent making this trim application is well worth it when there are no visible nail holes.
Topping your cabinets with spindel rails is making a come back in cabinetry.  These have always looked better in a multi-piece stack moulding than they do as a stand alone trim.
This is one way to make a simple kitchen stand out from the normal. The black crown moudling was chosen to match the appliances and the twisted rope insert was added to show the crown's dimension.
Twisted rope can prove to be quite challenging to even the best of trim carpenters. The miters of the rope have to be strategically placed due to it being physically impossible to make a true miter. The miters must be shaped and refinished so that they flow around the corners.
The inside corners are easier than the outside corners as a general rule. You must choose where you need to start your twisted rope very carefully because once you start the run you can no longer choose where your miters are.
This is another example of crown into crown.
This appears to be a simple 3 piece crown stack. This seemingly easy crown application is anything but easy. The bottom two pieces of this stack must be made as one piece for the entire run. There is no room to nail them together otherwise.
Once the bottom two pices of this stack are correctly installed the final crown piece can be added.
This is a similar 3 piece crown stack that we built for the HGTV "Fixer Upper" pilot. As with most multi-piece ceiling applications, to build these seamless stacks using a minimum of nails is quite difficult while looking very simple.
Trim Applications

A great 'litmus test' for a good cabinet installer is to see some pictures of his different trim applications.  If a cabinet installer can only do basic trim applications then he can only install basic kitchens.  There is a lot of information on our Cabinet Installer page that will explain what to look for and why it's so important for you to hire a good finish carpenter to install your cabinets.
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This is a rendering of a kitchen we designed in our software and then did the remodel ourseves. The next picture shows the finished remodel of this design.
This is the finished remodel of the design photo in the previous picture.  This shows just how powerful this software can be in seeing what your kitchen will look like before you start on it.
Kitchen Designs

These are some design renderings that show just how powerful our kitchen design software is.  Our kitchen designs are so realistic, you will think that you are looking at actual photos.  This software will enable you to see what your finished kitchen remodel will look like before you even start on your project.  People are using this service all over the country to keep their contractors accountable.  The days of a contractor telling you "That's what I thought you wanted it to look like" are gone for good.  The last two pictures in this gallery show a kitchen designed in our software and the actual finished remodel.
This boot bench was built to be put in a mission style kitchen.
We build to your specifications. This contemporary vent hood was designed to a clients specific dimesions.
This is the side view of a custom vent hood.
Thhis sign is built from solid Spanish cedar.  The steel insert in the center is also trimmed with Spanish cedar and the holes are designed for hunters to get their piicture taken with their daily catch.
This is an unfinished island with a 2" thick butcher block top.

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