Custom Cabinet Accessories

A beautiful exterior is only the beginning when it comes to custom cabinet projects.  Numerous interior cabinet accessory options are available to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your kitchen.  Standard accessories such as pull-out wastebaskets, tilt-out sink trays and cutting board racks are great additions to any kitchen.  We also go a step further by offering custom accessories to meet your individual needs.  Knife-drawer dividers, spice racks, and bathroom drawers built to house electric hair-styling tools, electric razors, etc. are just a few of the custom items we have been commissioned to design. 
Blow dryer and curling iron drawer
Kitchen sink tilt-out trays
Vertical divider oven cabinet
This has quickly become one of our most popular accessories.  In-drawer electrical housing keeps the counter tidy, while the stainless steel, salon grade inserts allow styling implements to be stored without waiting for them to cool.  This particular drawer was designed to hold a hair dryer and 2 curling irons, but can be adapted for any purpose, in any room.
Vertical dividers allow easy access to cookie sheets, baking stones, muffin tins and cooling racks - a must for busy cooks and avid bakers.  Located conveniently above the double oven provides storage in a space that is often difficult to utilize using conventional, horizontal shelves.
Custom silverware drawer
Storage space is maximized in any highly efficient kitchen.  Sponges, scrubbers, strainers, drain plugs and more can be tucked away in these handy sink-front tilt-out trays.  Free your counter from unsightly clutter while keeping these frequently used items within easy reach.    
Say goodbye to flimsy silverware trays that slide around in your drawers.  This divided silverware drawer was built to meet the specific day-to-day needs of our client.  Silvercloth-lined drawers are also an option for convenient storage of your special occasion silver.
Custom knive drawer
custom knife drawer
When our client, located in Southern California, told us she wanted to have a drawer built to the exact sizes of her cutlery, we asked her to trace her knives and send us the templates.  She did us one better - she boxed everything up and shipped it to Texas!  The result is this completely customized knife drawer with a place for everything...and everything in its place.
Pots and pans drawer
Custom built-in cutting board
Custom built-in spice racks
What could be more convenient than having pots and pans storage directly beneath the cooktop?  These full extension drawers are equipped with extra-heavy-duty drawer glides to accommodate the weight of the cookware.
Full-extension roll-out trays
The door-mounted cutting board rack allows for easy access to one of the most frequently used items in a busy kitchen.  Cutting boards can be built to any size to meet your needs. 
What good is a spice rack that isn't deep enough to hold your spice containers?  These racks were built only after recieving the measurements of our client's most frequently used spices.  The shelves in the cabinets were cut out to accept the increased depth of the racks while conserving as much shelf space as possible to maximize storage.
No more kneeling on the floor straining to reach items in the back of the cabinet.  Full-extension roll-out trays bring everything within easy reach.  No base cabinet should be without this convenient option.
Self opening waste basket
Custom cabinet waste baskets
We have several different types of trash bins to fit your individual needs. Trash bins can be custom made to fit your personal taste or space. 

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