Our Company

Put simply, we are a small, family owned cabinetry company specializing in building one-of-a-kind, furniture-grade custom cabinetry.  But Wooden Concepts is about more than building beautiful cabinetry.  It is about building relationships and providing an experience that our clients enjoy and appreciate.  It is about learning how the kitchen will be used and understanding the people that will be using it.  It is about staying current on technological advances so we are able to offer our clients the most up-to-date amenities available.  It is about creating a room of function and beauty that will last a lifetime.

Our Motto

Our motto is "Yes!".  While not exactly a motto, we do everything we can to say yes to our clients' requests and ideas.  As a custom shop with a creative, talented craftsman, we have been able to design and build custom features that others were unwilling, or unable, to offer.  We believe that if it doesn't break the laws of physics, we can find a way to make it happen.

Our Approach

While we work closely with a variety of trade professionals, we never lose sight of who we are working for.  Our homeowner always comes first.  We focus on and build one project at a time.  We never have multiple projects in production at once.  From design to installation, we are involved in each step of the project, ensuring that there are no surprises or hidden costs along the way. 

Our Accomplishments

Operating in Texas from 2002-2014, Wooden Concepts has built, delivered and installed custom cabinetry projects for clients from coast-to-coast.  We have installed cabinets for the HGTV "Fixer Upper" pilot.  Our craftsman's work can be seen in two Better Homes & Gardens publications.  Our greatest accomplishment, however, is standing fast to our values as they relate to craftsmanship in a time where quality is being sacrificed for increased profits. 

Our Relocation

We discussed moving to Alaska several times over a span of several years.  With quality standards and overall industry knowledge rapidly declining in The Lower 48, our conversations turned more serious.  All of our research had shown that Alaska still has an appreciation and desire for true craftsmanship.  We decided to go for it and are now proud to offer our unique skills, talent and dedication to our craft to those in The Last Frontier.

Our Family Team

Scott, our craftsman, spent his formative years in his grandfather's wood shop, where he developed an understanding, appreciation and love for the art of woodworking.  With an interesting and varied resume throughout all phases of construction, Scott has the ability to understand the full scope of every project.  His unwavering commitment to perfection makes him something of a rarity in today's world of carpentry.  The only thing he enjoys more than building beautiful things with wood is seeing the client's reaction at the completion of each project.

Tammy is the glue that holds Wooden Concepts together.  An avid cook, she brings a unique perspective to the planning and design of each project.  An exceptional organizer, she can offer advice and ideas on ways to make the kitchen more efficient based on the needs of each individual that will be using it.  Her organizational skills combine with 12 years of hands-on management and involvement in the company.  Having worked in the field and in the office, she has the knowledge required to handle all the details that make each project run smoothly.

Emma grew up in the cabinet shop.  From the time she was 5, she had her own corner in the shop.  Always curious, she could frequently be found shadowing Scott, peppering him with questions that he always took the time to answer.  Now 16 and working as an apprentice, she is learning the craft with more hands-on involvement.

Noah, our junior apprentice, is 10.  He is integral in the carrying out of such tasks as sawdust removal, trash management and tool delivery.

Our Service Area

We don't actually have a "service area".  We ship our corbels and trims all over the United States and we would travel to another country and build on-site for the right client.  In fact, our services are only limited to how "right" the job is.  We don't cut corners because it takes less time. We don't use inferior or unsafe materials because they're cheaper.  And no, we won't let your "cabinet guy" save you some money by installing them for you (no matter how "good" you think he is)!  If you need an absolutely perfect kitchen we'll come to you, wherever you are.
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