The majority of the people that visit our website and contact us are under the impression that we are a large company, mostly due to our internet presence and the website itself.  In fact we are simply a husband and wife team that have made kitchens our life's focus.  We have worked side by side in this industry for nearly 12 years now.  My name is Scott and I have worked in cabinetry and finish carpentry my entire life.  I come from a long line of carpenters and skilled craftsmen dating to the 1800's and reaching all the way back to Germany.  I have been very blessed to have learned this trade from a few highly skilled professionals that were willing to teach me the necessary skills of finish carpentry.  At 26 years old I was a lead finish carpenter in the River Oaks and Memorial, Houston area working on Stillwater homes, which are upwards of 30 million dollar homes.  One of these homes led to my work getting into the magazines of Better Homes and Gardens and Elegant Homes. 

Before 2002 I operated by word of mouth and a cell phone and somehow managed to stay busy.  Tammy noticed the potential lost by my inability to promptly answer phone calls when I was too busy and built Wooden Concepts into what it is today.  Over the years, finding a qualified helper was always difficult for me.  It is not easy to work for a perfectionist who demands only the highest quality of craftsmanship in every situation, especially in a profession that as a whole is heading in the opposite direction.  After I continued to let go of helper after helper for cutting corners, Tammy started helping me with cabinet installs.  As the co-owner of a company that puts the customer first, it was easy for her to understand the difference between doing something right and doing something fast.  Answering the phones and helping with kitchen designs were her only comfort zone and she frequently had to answer questions with "I'll have to ask Scott about that".   Once she learned the ins and outs of cabinet installations and finish carpentry she started having conversations with skilled professionals and actually proved that she was far more than just someone answering the phones.  As an avid cook she has proven invaluable to our clients in their kitchen designs.  She not only understands the complexity of cabinets and trim applications but she knows first hand how to make them work to your advantage in a busy kitchen. 

We have a 14 year old daughter that is eagerly learning the trade and loves to help us on some of our cabinet installs.  Like me when I was younger, she is only learning the actual skills of the trade instead of learning how today's carpenters fake it by using short cuts which inevitably lessen the quality of the work.  We have an 8 year old son that is also interested in learning the family trade.  It appears that our lineage of craftsman will not be lost in the next generation.

We started Wooden Concepts in 2002 in Houston.  Prior to that time we had been the number one cabinet installation subcontractor for one of the big box stores.  With that company's install reputation in sharp decline, we started Wooden Concepts as an alternative for homeowners.  In early 2002, we were approached by another big box store.  They promised a '3 strikes and you're out' policy that was intended to assure their clients quality craftsmanship.  Their plan worked - but it worked too well.   'Fly-by-night' contractors were being let go left and right all over Houston.  Our company grew at an astounding rate, eventually installing for 22 stores in the Houston area.  We reached the point of not being able to grow any more without losing our high quality standards.  At that point, the stores began rehiring previously let go contractors. It didn't take long for these few bad apples to revive their bad reputation and we soon found ourselves spending the majority of our time fixing their mistakes. 

This was the same reason we left the other big box chain in the first place.  It was time to switch gears.  We bought a piece of property in the country, built our own cabinet shop and started building high end artisan cabinetry.  We built kitchens all over the country, literally from coast from to coast.  When the economy went into decline, so did our high end market.  While we still build furniture grade cabinetry, these projects are few and far between in this stuttering economy.  In order to keep our business afloat, we again turned to cabinet installations.  We went back to installing for the big box stores.  To our dismay, we found that their business practices had not improved and had actually gotten worse.  Between the 'cabinet specialists' and 'designers' not knowing how to design and order a complete kitchen correctly and the fly by night cabinet installers not knowing how to correctly install cabinetry, we quickly became discouraged.  Over and over again we were dealing with homeowners expressing frustration and anger with the 'big box experience'.  We simply could not continue to work for a company that refused to put the homeowner first.

We began to focus on how to provide solutions.  How do we help correct this problem and give the average homeowner the upper hand?  We know that it all starts with the original kitchen design.  A byproduct of having installed nearly 500 residential kitchens is learning what works and what doesn't when it comes to kitchen design.  When we meet with clients that already have a design, the first thing we do is find out what is wrong with their design - and there is always something wrong.  Something missed.  Something that hasn't been considered.  Something that just won't work.

When the kitchen design is correct, the odds of a successful remodel increase dramatically.  Just because something 'looks right' in a 20/20 program does not mean that it will actually work. 20/20 is the kitchen design software program that is used almost exclusively by cabinet manufacturers and is required to be used by the stores that sell their cabinetry.  We have worked with companies using 20/20 for many years and it is hard to believe that a program that allows so many mistakes has become the industry standard. 

Aside from design problems, the visual quality of 20/20 leaves a lot to the imagination.  The number one request in our combined 30 years in this industry has been, "I wish there was a way to see what it is actually going to look like".  Now there is.  Our revolutionary design software not only has incredible accuracy but also provides high definition, 3-D renders that are stunningly beautiful.

We provide a service - not a sale.  We will educate you on exactly what you need to get the kitchen you want.  We are not contracted with any cabinet manufacturer so we can give you the honest pros and cons of all of the different cabinet lines available to you so that you can make an informed decision on what is best for you and your kitchen.  We provide you with a detailed list for the cabinets and trims needed to complete your project.  We will help point you in the right direction to find the best deal on your cabinets.  We also provide you with detailed floor plans and elevations including electrical and plumbing.  You can use these to get an apples to apples bid from any of the various contractors that will be needed to complete your project. 

While we will continue to install cabinetry, we firmly believe that our design service will have more of an impact on this industry than our cabinet installations.  The more clients that choose to benefit from our design services, the less fly-by-night contractors will exist.  Educating our clients, eliminating variables and correcting potential errors at step one will undoubtedly eliminate those contractors that profit from preying on uneducated customers. 

We only schedule one design per day so our clients never feel rushed or hurried through this process.  We take as much time as necessary to answer all questions and discuss the pros and cons of all options.  

We are a family owned and operated business.  We live in the Mat-Su Valley and do the majority of our work in Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla, Palmer and surrounding areas.  Of course, we are always willing to travel just about anywhere that our services are desired.

We look forward to speaking with you about your project and always welcome calls on evenings and weekends - we know that many of our client's schedules are best served outside the typical 9-5 office hours.

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