At Wooden Concepts, we build furniture grade custom cabinetry.  A truly custom cabinet builder, we only build one project at a time, ensuring each client gets our undivided attention on their project from start to finish.  We handle every aspect of the process, from design through installation.

While we specialize in beautiful kitchens, we love to take on custom projects.  Entertainment centers, arctic entries, office spaces, fireplace mantels and more...if you have an interior woodworking project, we would love to be your craftsmen.

The first step is the design.  If you already have a design, or certain design elements, in mind, we want to hear about them.  We come to you with our state of the art design software.  This software allows us to provide a 3-D rendering of your project - you can see what it will look like before any work begins! 

Our cabinets are built to the individual space they are designed for.  We build in increments down to 1/32", so there are never any fillers.  We provide custom doors in any size, with hundreds of options to choose from.  We offer all standard cabinet accessories and will design any custom accessory, cabinet or built-in.  We love creating things that make life easier!

Interlocking cabinet parts
Interlocking cabinet construction profile

Lazy susan spinner jig
Banded lazy susan spinner
Finished lazy susan spinner
Cross section view of an easy reach lazy susan cabinet
Assembling spinners to an easy reach lazy susan
Installed leasy reach lazy susans
Easy reach lazy susan built for 5 gallon buckets
Fully assembled easy reach lazy susan with 1000 pound load rating per shelf
Wall angle cabinet parts
Wall angle cabinet frame
Wall angle cabinet assembly
Angled dado on wall angle cabinet
Adding floor and ceiling to a wall angle cabinet
Assembling backs on a wall angle cabinet
Fully assembled wall angle cabinet
The is a layout of our box parts showing all of the machining required to build interlocking cabinets.
This shows the rabbet of the cabinet back pressed into the dado of the furniture end of the cabinet box.  These parts are glued together with Titebond III, which is a Low-VOC, ANSI/HPVA Type 1 water resistant adhesive that is FDA approved for indirect food contact.
Easy Reach Lazy Susan
Angled Wall Cabinet
After all of the parts have been machined and sprayed the frame is set face down on rubber disks to avoid any scratches.
We start out by cutting the spinner from a jig.  It takes several passes with a router, but this ensures 100% accuracy as opposed to attempting to freehand the cut.
Each of these parts have slight differences in machining, so they need to be laid out in proper order.
Next we add the front frame and sand the curved contour to match the radius of the banding.
After sanding the edges, we add the band around the spinner.
Most cabinets start with the boxes first but these angle cabinets must start with frames first.
This cross section view is to show how the cabinet parts interlock.  Notice the frame for the middle shelf - this ensures the durability of the cabinet.
This view allows you to see the angled dados in the frame to accept the cabinet ends. These are tricky cuts to make and have to be absolutely perfect in order for the cabinet to interlock correctly.
The floor and ceiling are now inserted into the dados locking the wall ends in place.
We install the spinners prior to fully assembling the cabinet.
The backs are snapped into their dados completing the box assembly and making the cabinet incredibly sound.
Each lazy susan has a load rating of 1000 pounds.  Combined with the floors being dadoed into the sides, backs and frame these susans can be fully loaded without concern for stability or performance.
Once the box is completed, the frame is attached with our special fasteners and the cabinet is complete.
The shelves can be built to any height you desire. This cabinet has off-set shelves because it was designed to accommodate four 5-gallon buckets.
Installed wall angle cabinets
The angled wall cabinets installed with standard crown moulding
Lazy Susans are a nice addition to any kitchen and these are built to last a lifetime.
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Alaska's first choice for furniture grade custom cabinetry
Alaska's first choice for furniture grade custom cabinetry