Now the choices become a lot more complex and tedious.  Below is a picture of a cross section of a cabinet door.  The S-PANEL, the piece on the left of the picture below is a raised panel and though you have chosen to use a recessed panel this picture will better help you understand what part of the picture is the top, bottom, etc.  The other piece in the picture is that of a rail or stile. The #3 represents the inside edge profile and the B-3 represents the outside edge profile. 

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Mitered Recessed Panel Doors

The first choice you will have to make is what type of outside edge you would like.  As represented as B-3 in the picture above, this profile will determine the outside edge of your rails and stiles.  Some of the outside edge profiles have matching inside edge profiles, this doesn't mean that you must use a matching inside edge profile, it just lets you know that it's available. You will need to save this information as you go through these pages for us to give you an accurate quote as to the price per square foot for the door style you have chosen.
At this point you have chosen a Mitered door with a recessed panel. Once you choose one of the outside edge profiles above click here to move on to choose your inside edge profile or click next below. The inside profile page will open in a new tab so you can compare your choices. 

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