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The main focus for this project was to add a carport to an existing 30-year old home - without it looking like it was remodeled.  The only deviance from this was the gable vent.  The interior of the home is decorated with the Lone Star motif and the homeowner wanted a star shaped vent on the front.  When we were unable to find a source for a pre-fabricated star, our craftsman site-fabricated the vent you see below.
The original slab in front of the garage had a large crack in it due to a large root growing underneath.  Upon removal, we discovered that the original slab had wire mesh inside of it instead of rebar, allowing the slab to lift and crack.  We tied in to the existing garage slab and poured a new, larger driveway, using rebar to ensure that it would last. 
After the carport was completed, the homeowner decided that a small, matching front porch would be the perfect finishing touch.  We incorporated a small, decorative star on the porch as well, which really tied these additions together.  The end result was exactly what the homeowner wanted - a functional carport and porch that look like they were part of the original structure of the home.  

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