There are a lot of factors involved in finding the right cabinet door style for your kitchen.  The first option for you to choose is whether you want your doors to be Mitered or if you want them to be Cope and Stick.  This has to do with the corners of the outside framing of the doors.  

Most cabinet doors are made up of 5 major parts, 2 stiles, 2 rails and the center panel.  The rails are the 2 horizontal pieces of wood on the top and bottom of the door and the stiles are the 2 vertical pieces of wood on the left and right of the door.  

The difference between mitered and cope and stick doors is where the rails and stiles meet.  The cope and stick doors have stiles that are the full height of the cabinet door and the rails are between the stiles.  The mitered doors have rails and stiles that are mitered at the corners.  Click on one of the pictures below to choose which one these options best suits your needs. 

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